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iphone lock button is not working

IPhone lock button is located at the top of the device that is used to turn off and turn on the device, it is so-called the lock button. The sentence that it is not working gives the meaning of jam and could not be able to perform functions and seems just like a dead button. It is the common issue seen by owners of iPhone and creates problems for them. iMacLand facilitates the iOS users a true remedy that how to operate the idevices.  It performs task to put on and put off the device that is why it is very important. Whenever it happens you become unable to perform any task with your device because without unlocking your device it will not work. 

Techniques to fix Lock Button:

IPhone lock button is not working is a major problem while using device because it is the main area of iPhone to take initial step to start it. Lock button is used to inactivate the touchscreen of iPhone and by pressing it again it activates its mode to operate by flapping finger on it. Here are some options given to you to fix this issue.

Try to fix by yourself:

Usually people want to try it at home and no doubt some people become successful in doing so, but some become cause to convert it in some serious issue. This portion is for those people who want to fix this issue by themselves at their home. Do not try to be over smart, be patience and use your sense too while trying this at home. You can try some tricks at home for not responding button to fix it or just visit www.imacland.com/ for further details.

-- Clean the area of button through tiny brushes or blowing instrument not at high quality just at level to remove the toxic materials placed at the sides of it. This is for the reason that tiny material can make it stuck at one side and unable to move.

-- Try to press it to push it out because sometimes it needs to press again and issue will resolve, but do not press overly that may cause to damage the button. 

-- Little press the screen of iPhone from the top of its right side, but extra pressure can become cause to damage the screen.

-- Another option to resolve this issue is gone to the setting option, then general and clicks to physical and motor accessibility and choose assistive touch and select the option to “ON” in spite of using lock button.

Consult to technician:

Sometimes it happens that iphone lock button is not working due to hitting inside the phone, broken and not performs functions. Whenever you see one of these just go to the apple store with carry its warranty card, they will resolve this issue by placing a new one in place of it or by using technical strategies and you did not need to pay anything for that. In case of having no warranty don’t hesitate to go somewhere else to check out your iPhone, they will take little for it and renew your device by applying methods according to its problem.

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